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How do I place an order?

I just placed my order but I need to make a change. What should I do?

I need to cancel my order. Can I do this?

Returns & Exchanges - Refunds

I received an email that my refund was issued, but I still don’t see the refund on my card. How come?

My account/tracking says my return was delivered. Why haven’t I been refunded yet?

Returns & Exchanges - Returns

What is the Dudley Stephens return policy?

Oops—I accidentally sent the wrong item back in my return package. What should I do?

I need to make a return. Can I use my own return label?

I purchased my Dudley from another retailer, can I return it to Dudley?

I used a promo code on my order, but want to exchange for a different style/color. Can I still pay the same price?

Returns & Exchanges - Exchanges

I want to exchange my item for a different style. Can I do that?

I need to exchange my item for a different size. What should I do?


What type of packaging will my order be shipped in?

Payment Methods

Can I use a Visa gift card for payment?

Can I use two forms of payment (such as a VISA gift card and a credit card)?


I bought something “final sale,” but it doesn’t fit. Can I return/exchange it?

Can I redeem my Pineapple Points with a discount code?

Price Adjustments

I forgot to apply my Pineapple Points to my order. Are you able to apply them after it has been placed?

I forgot to apply my discount code to my order. Are you able to apply the code after the order has been placed?

I ordered something a few days ago and now it is on sale. Can you price adjust this?

Fit Guide/Size Guide

I’m not sure what my size is for a certain style. Can you help?

Claim Form

I think my item is defective. What should I do?

Dudley Devoted Program

How do I sign up for the Dudley Devoted program?

Dudley Devoted Program - Pineapple Points

How many Pineapple Points can I redeem?

Will my Pineapple Points be refunded to my account if I used them on a purchase and returned the item?

Do Pineapple Points expire?

I have two Dudley Devoted accounts. Can I merge my points?

Merchandise - Out of Stock

How do I sign up for back in stock alerts?

I received a “back in stock” email for an item, but I went to purchase it and it’s already sold out?

Merchandise - Care

How should I care for my Dudley?


When will my order ship, and how long will it take to be delivered?

How will I know when my order is shipped?

What if I placed my order but need to change my shipping address?

What if my order is labeled as delivered by the shipping carrier but I haven't received it?

I think my package is lost. What should I do?


Where can I find Dudley Stephens in a store near me?

I have a store—how do I carry the Dudley Stephens line?

Brand & Influencer Requests

How do I collaborate with Dudley Stephens?