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Our Fleece

Why do we tend to sell out quickly?

What’s special about Dudley Stephens fleece?

Does Dudley Stephens run true to size?

Can you explain the different types of fleece offered in your products?

What do you mean when you say your fleece is sustainable?

Can I find Dudley Stephens in any stores?

How do I set up a wholesale account?

Are your fleece pieces machine washable?

Dudley Devoted Rewards Program

How do I become a Dudley Devoted rewards member?

How do I earn points?

How do I redeem my Pineapple Points?

How do I earn points for product reviews?

Can I get Pineapple Points retroactively for purchases?

When do my points expire?

Can I get points for my purchases at other stores that sell Dudley Stephens?

Can I use my Pineapple Points and a discount at the same time?

What do the tiers mean?

How do I receive the seasonal offers, exclusive promotions and gifts?

I was referred by a friend, so why can’t I use their referral link?

I referred a friend but I don’t see my Pineapple Points for the referral—what happened?

I have enough Pineapple Points! Why can't I redeem them?

Can I transfer or merge my Pineapple Points between two separate accounts?

How do I know what tier I am in?

I already have an account. Do I automatically get 100 Pineapple Points?

I forgot to apply my Pineapple Points to my order. Can my points be applied to my order after it has been placed?

How do I redeem my Pineapple Points?

What if I don’t see points as an option at checkout?

What will happen to my Pineapple Points when I return one item from a multi-item order?

Gift Purchases

Do you offer gift receipts or gift wrapping?

I need to return an item. How do I create a return label?

I received a gift and need to return/exchange. What should I do?

I am purchasing a holiday gift for someone else, will they be able to return/exchange after Christmas?