fleece is the new black

does anyone feel like our days are usually pretty athletic?  we're running to meetings, picking up our kids, cleaning around the house, running after our dogs...we seem to move a lot throughout the day.  and if you are anything like us, comfort is usually at the forefront of your decision making when dressing each day.  even for work we try to dress somewhat comfortably, or at least try to find work clothes that aren't terribly restricting.  

and so it makes sense that trends like athleisure are permeating the fashion world and that workplaces are increasingly accepting of their employees wearing casual clothing to the office.  however at certain points, we felt there should be some level of caution taken.  yes, it's ok to wear your gym clothes outside of the gym, but where do we draw the line?  

because we still want to look good.  and while gym clothes can be cute and stylish, they aren't always appropriate.  

so, why can't we be comfortable as if we were wearing gym clothes, but also look good?  why can't we dress comfortably at work on casual friday, and still look like we actually tried that morning?  and why can't there be clothing that truly transitions - and even more importantly lasts - from day to night?  

and that was what lead us to this idea: using fleece fabric to make stylish clothes for women.

each of our garments are made from a fleece we call vello fleece, which is made using recycled yarn.   this fleece has a pile surface that will not pill.  it doesn't absorb water, break down in appearance or absorb odors.  and since it is so lightweight, it is breathable for extra comfort throughout the day.  it will allow you to remain cool and dry when you are moving, but still retain your body's heat when you need it to. 

 and it works!  this past saturday, i wore our poplar dress all day - from 9am to 10pm.  and at the end of the day, my dress did not have a wrinkle, and it still looked and felt fresh. 

after having worked with our fleece fabric closely to design our six core styles, we have an even greater appreciation for this practical, versatile fabric, and we hope you enjoy our wardrobe essentials as much as we do: essentials that are comfortable and stylish, and that will last as long as you do.  


 wearing the perfect transition dress - our poplar dress in white - on a saturday in brooklyn. later i put on black opaque tights and black rag & bone booties for dinner at our club in connecticut.