wash n' fold

you know that favorite cashmere sweater at the forefront of your closet, the perfect sweater for the weekends that might have cost you an arm and a leg, but it looks great and - it's cashmere, right? 

between the cost to buy it and then send it to the dry cleaners, mounted on top of that feeling you get when you spill something on it...what would you do if there were a more affordable alternative for those casual moments when you don't want to use up your cashmere?   

our #dsgoods can be worn and then washed at home.  we recommend washing our vello fleece on low spin in the washer and on low heat in the dryer.  and for the over-achievers: you can fold them inside out and skip the dryer altogether for the best results. this fabric hang-dries quickly.  

dudley stephens fleece is perfect for people with kids or dogs.  or neither.  maybe just a strong tendency to spill (we aren't perfect either)or you might just have an innate desire like we do to both feel and look good in even your most laid back attire.  

convenience and style?  comfort and ease of wear?  looking good and feeling good?

we promise you won't be disappointed.


pictured is our willow cape in natural blush.