a classic

there's nothing more modern than a classic: like our #DSgoods cobble hill turtleneck, an instant classic and wardrobe essential.  a black turtleneck can make a woman feel confident and comfortable and look elegant all at the same time.  we pulled together pictures of some of our most admired celebrity women wearing black turtlenecks, proving this classic wardrobe essential has never, and will never, go out of style.

model mia woolrich wearing our cobble hill turtleneck in black.  classic, elegant and confident.

jackie kennedy onassis made casual look chic.

audrey hepburn made this look famous.

marilyn monroe: probably one of the few ladies who could make a turtleneck look sexy.

gwyneth: hate her if you will, we think she's gorgeous and would love our cobble hill in black.

rihanna, we'll always get under your umbrella. 

nothing better than black contrasted with a beautiful, bright blond like naomi watts.

eva longoria's face is perfectly framed in this classic look.

charlize theron, you are stunning.  that's all.  

our favorite up-and-comer chloe grace moretz, transforming cute to classic in her black turtleneck.