ds styled: issue 2

definition of a pineapple skirt: a skirt that is comfortable and welcoming.  

you might ask, how can a skirt be 'welcoming'? 

our answer: only if it has an elastic waistband, is super soft, and can work with multiple looks.  ie, can be worn to the gym over leggings, to the office, and to brunch on the weekends.  basically, a wardrobe staple.

this look is something i could theoretically wear to an office.  if i had one.  for now i'll call this my 'i'm just running to meetings while wishing for a dudley stephens office one day' look.  a girl can dream, right?

credits: dudley stephens pineapple skirt / top shop army green anorak / madewell white button down shirt / spanx brown tights / buji baja furscarf / sam edelmen brown suede booties / ralph lauren ricky bag in jungle