#dstrendsetters: cassidy lange, hollywood film producer

cassidy wearing our cobble hill turtleneck in black. 

cassidy knows hollywood.  after working in l.a. over ten years producing some big time movies (a few include "leap year" with amy adams and "the vow" with rachel mcadams and channing tatum...also, the upcoming "me before you" which i cannot wait to see) she has worked with and met just about everyone in hollywood.  over the course of our very long friendship it has always been fun to get updates from her and hear about her latest escapades on the west coast mingling with hollywood elite.  

cassidy is also not your typical film producer: she is blonde, beautiful, easy-going, wicked smart.  she has a bohemian, southern californian sense of style and warm demeanor that i would imagine set her apart from her peers in a very good way.  cass also happens to be one of my favorite dining partners due to her love of food and most notably, desserts!  we've spent many nights over delicious dinners catching up, whether in l.a. or n.y., having engaging conversations about life.

read below for more - and also make sure you see her movie ME BEFORE YOU!

where do you live?

I live in Venice Beach, C.A.

what do you do?

I am a studio executive at MGM.  I oversee the development and production of films.  My next film, ME BEFORE YOU, based on the best-selling novel, stars Emilia Clarke and comes out June 3rd.  Go see it! 

 necessary life extravagance:

My guilty pleasure has always been sweets - chocolate, ice cream, baked goods, anything that contains sugar, really.  Which I guess means we can also throw wine in there.  Wine is pretty necessary, I'd say.  Here's me outside of our local ice cream shop, The Salt & The Straw.  It's a must visit if you're ever in L.A. (or Portland).

cassidy wearing our cobble hill turtleneck in white.

favorite place(s) on earth: 

Beverly Hills Cheese Shop, The Telluride Bluegrass Festival, The Long Beach Flea Market(pictured below!), and my backyard on Sunday morning. 

favorite charity:

HYPE (Helping Young People Excel) provides talented low-income students in Los Angeles with guidance and resources to qualify for admission to elite college-prep independent high schools.  There is so much wealth in L.A. but still an incredible amount of poverty.  So many kids stare at the window display of prosperity and success without ever gaining access to any of it.  HYPE does a great and meaningful job of combatting this, in addition to many other organizations like Communities in Schools, the Boys and Girls Club, and even our local L.A. Park, Recreation, and Community Centers.  

favorite movie:

This is a tough one since my job is being a fan of movies - I have so many.  In the interest of adding something new I'll say THE SOURCE FAMILY.  It's a beguiling documentary about a cult that sprang out of L.A.'s first health food restaurant in the 70's.  It feels like a spiritual predecessor to an Edward Sharpe music video and part of me wishes I could have joined the cult.  Or at least look like the women in it. 


describe a typical day in your life whether at work or at home:

My sacred Sunday morning routine now wouldn't be complete without a Dudley Stephens Cobble Hill Turtleneck.  It's generally too hot during the day in L.A. to wear fleece, but my DS goods are cozy saviors in the early morning and evening hours.  Every Sunday, as early as my hangover allows, my pup Wesley and I walk down to Abbot Kinney to Blue Star Donuts to pay hipster prices for admittedly delicious donuts.  This is also the time when I usually call Dudley (Lauren of Dudley Stephens) to catch up cross-country.  Wes and I bring the donuts back, wake Peter up, and read the NY Times in the backyard with our donuts and coffee.  I look forward to it all week.

cassidy in her cobble hill turtleneck in white with wesley.


I'd like to thank Dudley Stephens for making me chic in moments when I used to be a "What Not To Wear" episode.  I love yoga but I am not one of those girls who owns a million matching Lululemon get-ups.  Yoga outfit = whatever ancient comfy cotton combo I can throw together in preparation to sweat entirely through.  But now, I put on my Cobble Hill and instantly it's as if I've pulled together an outfit for public consumption.  This also goes for airplane travel.  I travel a lot for work and because I value curling up and sleeping on flights above all else, I am never dressed particularly well.  I'm usually worried someone is going to drag me out of Business Class for being an imposter.  No longer - thanks to my sleek Cobble Hill.  

 in front of her yoga studio wearing our cobble hill turtleneck in white.