#dstrendsetter lee halloran: google rockstar and mom of two

lee wearing our pacific vest in heather grey with son charlie.


lee and i go way back.  way back to freshmen year of college at duke.  lee is one of those people who just gets it: from the moment you meet her, you would know what i mean.  her sense of humor, her positive outlook on life, her amazing family and friends...she is someone that you can always call to get down and dirty advice.  she tells it like it is, something that is one of the best qualities to have in a friend.

post college, we spent our 20's living in new york city where we trained for the new york marathon together, ran it (she much faster than me!) and also spent a lot of time brunching.  and then she moved to san francisco when she landed an awesome job at google.  even though our new york friends and i were extremely sad to see her go, she wound up meeting her lovely husband david there and then went on to have their two beautiful boys - james and charlie.  after all of these years and fun memories to look back on, i am so excited to feature a little bit about her life, her job, and her family on our blog.  

where do you live?  

Concord, MA, right outside of Boston.

what do you do?

I work at Google in Cambridge.  I focus on YouTube specifically and spend my time developing revenue and brand building opportunities for our top content creators.

necessary life extravagance:

Not much extravagance these days, at least not in the typical sense.  I would say my daily "must-have" is a combination of my boys James (3) and Charlie (1), my husband David and plenty of Chard.  

favorite place on earth: 

Cavallo Point.  A lodge at the base of the Golden Gate Bridge where I've spent spent many of my best days with my husband David.  We fell in love there, got engaged there and got married there.  It's beautiful, cozy and surrounded by some of the most amazing food and outdoor activities that Marin has to offer.

favorite charities:

Pediatric Cancer Foundation and Lead the Way.

favorite movie:

Steel Magnolias.

describe a typical day in your life: 

I wake up around 5:30/6am with my early bird James.  We eat peanut butter ball cereal and watch Blaze and the Monster Machines and snuggle until David and Charlie get up.  We play trucks, eat breakfast, and then I take approximately 5-10 minutes to get ready (this is where DS comes in).  I literally have no time in the morning to make any sort of effort in my appearance so being able to throw on something cozy and comfy that is still stylish and makes me look like I'm trying is key :) I usually rush off to work and return home in the early evening for more trucks, snuggles, dinner, bath and bedtime with the boys (and wine...).  

One thing that I miss is having time to work out like I used to.  Or if I do, it's just that I can't (or won't) prioritize it.  As someone who used to be religious about running and extremely critical of my own body, this is a change.  Despite this change and challenge, I think it's also one of the greatest gifts.  I no longer look at myself in the mirror the way I once did and I feel so happy in my own skin despite it being a little different than it was before.  I love that Dudley Stephens products are focused on making women feel good being cozy and giving them confidence in comfort.  


lee with charlie - look at that smile!!  

having some cute moments with james.