#dstrendsetters: davina mazaroli from anheuser-busch inbev

davina wearing our court modern top in white.

i met davina last summer through a mutual friend when she came out to connecticut for the day from new york city with said friend (thank you bins) and we spent the day doing what we did a lot of last summer....playing badminton in the yard, eating lobster rolls, relaxing on the dock in rowayton, ct, and going for a long boat ride in the late afternoon.  

davina is a true #DStrendsetter - smart, sophisticated, gorgeous and hard-working, holding a powerhouse job at anheuser-busch inbev.  coming from a marketing focused family, i immediately appreciated hearing about her position there, along with hearing about (and dreaming of) her summers spent in greece as a child...a place she still visits every summer.

read below for a little bit on her life and how dudley stephens has impacted this international traveler.

where do you live?

Tribeca, N.Y.C.

what do you do?

I am the Global Director of Talent and Leadership Development for Anheuser-Busch InBev.  The focus of my job is to set the global human capital strategy to match the company's business strategy.  I work with the c-suite (CEO, COO, etc) to make sure they are indentifying and grooming their successors.  It is kind of like talent scouting and watching young baseball players...I am constantly tracking and measuring employees so that we're sure we are placing the best players in our 'major league' positions.

necessary life extravagance:

Perfume.  I am a perfume junkie.  I don't have one scent - I typically switch between fragrances 2-4 times per year.  I'll never throw a bottle away, each bottle reminds me of a certain time of my life.  My current favorites are L'Etat D'orange, Acqua di Parma, Clive Christian and Creed.

favorite place on earth:

Greece.  There's one island in the Cyclades where I've spent every summer since I was five years old.  My mother is Greek so I spent a good portion of my life there with my grandmother and cousins.  Summer is not complete without a visit.  It is the most gorgeous, simple, relaxed island and I am keeping it a secret.

place i most recently traveled:

Traveled to LA for work, one of our key US sales regions.  Before that I was in Belgium...the home of Stella Artois.  Belgium may not be the sunniest place on earth but I always stock up on Belgian chocolate and stop by Paris for a quick weekend shopping trip.

favorite charity:

OxFam America - an organization tackling poverty.  They have an amazing program where you can donate money to small businesses or buy livestock so that communities and families can sustain themselves through farming and entrepreneurship.  So at Christmas time, most of my friends and family receive cards saying I've bought a herd of goats or chickens on their behalf.

favorite movie:

My friends always make fun of me for not having seen any movies.  But my favorite movie, since childhood is The Red Balloon.

describe a typical day in your life: 

There is no typical day since I travel a lot for work.  But if I am in New York City, I try to wake up early and squeeze in a hot yoga class at Lyon's Den before I head to work.  Then I head straight to work, matcha in hand.  I'm usually at work until late (8 or 9pm) and then will go straight to drinks with friends or dinner (current favorite, Kiki's in Chinatown).

describe how dudley stephens might have impacted this routine:

Once I leave my apartment in the morning, I'm usually gone for 12-15 hours, so comfort is key; which is why I love Dudley Stephens.  I won't look wrinkled or messy at the end of the day and I'll be comfortable running around the city.  Staying organized is always a challenge for me.  My job keeps me really busy and bouncing around.  So by the time I've unpacked a suitcase, it's time to pack a new one.  Having cute clothes that are comfortable and warm for travel in different climates that do not require dry cleaning is a huge help.

davina with folio and misia on a saturday walk in tribeca.  wearing our cobble hill turtleneck in white.