#dstrendsetters: christine dunst

christine wearing our cobble hill turtleneck in natural blush, with her daughter gracie

i first met christine in the beginning of 2015 when i was looking to make some lifestyle and diet changes.  after working in the grind that is public relations for ten plus years and subsequently spending time trying to get pregnant, my first meeting with christine was a true delight and i immediately felt a weight lifted off of my shoulders.  she is warm, kind and maternal and immediately made me feel better (similar to how our #dsgoods make me feel!).  

after spending the next few weeks meeting with her, i learned more about my own nutrition, well-being, and diet than i had in my entire life.  christine and her business partner, stephanie, started their companyembody wellness company with the goal of helping people obtain personal fitness and nutrition goals, whether it's getting in shape for your wedding, preparing for a baby, getting rid of your baby weight...or if you simply are looking to shed some pounds and eat healthy - they design a 360 wellness package especially for you.  mine involved yoga, acupuncture and meditation - all three of which i still practice regularly.

we asked christine a few questions below about her lifestyle and how #dsgoods has impacted her life.

what do you do?  

I am Co-Founder and CEO of EMBODY Wellness Company and Mom to Gracie + Mason.  EMBODY Wellness Company is your health and lifestyle concierge, specializing in creating customized holistic wellness and nutrition programs targeted to accomplish your goals for lasting, sustainable results.  EMBODY Wellness.  EMBODY Change.  EMBDOY Your Best Self!  (For more information visit our website and follow us on social media!)

what is your necessary life extravagance?

Spending time with my two loves, Gracie + Mason.  Thankfully, I make my hours and have quality time with them daily!  Clean eating with gorgeous ingredients is a must for me.  Makes me smile.  Love to involve the kiddos.  Self-care and me time are necessities.  I've been a yogi for about 20 years now.  My practice grounds me and keeps me balanced.  I try to meditate for at least 5 minutes a day.  

favorite place on earth:

South Africa, Anguilla, Sag Harbor and home (my family)!  Can't name just one!

favorite charity or organization: 

Girls, Inc.: At its very heart, Girls Inc. of NYC is about offering girls the opportunity to discover their intellectual and emotional strengths.  Empowering girls when they are young to be confident, creative and strong is near and dear to my heart, especially after having my daughter.  

favorite movie: 

"Almost Famous", anything Woody Allen and "Life is Beautiful"

describe a typical day in your life:

Wake up by my kids jumping on my bed (and on me!) by 6ish.  Make all homemade breakfast (for me superfood smoothie and matcha daily).  Get the kiddos and myself ready and drive them to school.  

Then my EMBODY work begins: seeing clients in CT or driving into NYC, business development meetings, writing, cooking, client follow-up, emails galore, reading up on all the latest in the wellness world, etc. 

Fitting in my yoga/workouts and then I'm with my kids post school most days.  Play, art, running around outside, cooking dinner, etc. 

After kids sleep is CHILL + ME time. My husband has a meditation practice too, so we always support each other to get in what makes us balanced.  Then, we re-group for our time!  Sleep is everything to keep this busy schedule together.  I love my bedtime routine.  It's typically a combination of: lavender oil, bath, journaling/tea, reading and then lights out.

how has dudley stephens played a role in this routine? 

My fleece is beyond comfort!  Since I got it, my husband jokes that I wear it 24/7.  It's perfect for layering, running around town, with clients, playing with my kids, meditating, post-yoga and beyond.  Comfort is everything but we all want style too.  This does it all.

I love simplicity and I don't have much time in the morning to fuss yet I like to be put together.  I toss on my fleece and go!  Simplicity is everything.