#dstrendsetters: kiersten barnet

Kiersten wearing our Cobble Hill Turtleneck in White in New York City.

welcome to #DStrendsetters!  #DStrendsetters is a weekly blog post where we interview and feature a different woman every week about where they live, what they do, who they influence.  

our first is my dear friend kiersten barnet, originally from rhode island and now residing in new york city where she has an important job at bloomberg.  she recently traveled to davos for the world economic forum in january where she told me she wore dudley stephens throughout her stay there.  to think our fleece made it all the way to switzerland and was touted in front of world economic leaders!  thank you, kiersten.  

below she answers a few questions and explains how #dsgoods have influenced her life.

where do you live?

NYC - Upper East Side

what do you do?

I work at Bloomberg as Deputy Chief of Staff to the Chairman.  We have offices all over the world so my job involves a fair amount of travel (have been to over 30 countries in the past 5 years!).  I love my job because each day is different and I'm surrounded by curious, smart people who challenge me to step outside of my comfort zone. 

necessary life extravagance:

Jonathan Adler candles

favorite place on earth:

Lexington, VA (where I went to college at Washington & Lee)

favorite charity or organization:

I'd have to say the 30% Club, which isn't a charity but it is a volunteer effort.  The 30% Club is a group of chairmen and CEO's dedicated to driving better gender balance at all levels of their organizations.  Members include the CEOs of Coca-cola, Cisco, and Bank of America.  I chair the steering committee of the U.S.  The 30% Club and the visible commitment of these senior business leaders is truly changing the conversation regarding women in senior leadership positions from a women's issue to a business imperative.

favorite movie:

Splash with Tom Hanks and Daryl Hannah

describe a typical day in your life: 

I love Saturdays in NYC because you can have such a productive day without ever having to leave your neighborhood.  I often start my Saturdays in Central Park walking the Reservoir or Bridal Path loop with my best friend - this is our weekly catch-up. Then I'll run a few errands and meet my husband for lunch at Melon's or Maison Kayser depending on which wait is shortest.  I usually do some shopping in the afternoon before heading home to get dressed for dinner with friends. 

Saturday morning is the biggest struggle of my week as far as 'what to wear'. NYC is a walking city so on weekends I find myself criss-crossing the east side to run errands, shop and meet friends. I want to be comfortable but I also want to look polished enough that I could run into a colleague and not feel as though they've caught me in my pajamas.  The Cobble Hill Turtleneck  has been the perfect solution - it looks great with black leggings and tennis shoes or with jeans and boots.  It's become my Saturday staple.   I also spend a lot of time traveling for work and find that I am always freezing on planes.  Black pants, flats, and a Cobble Hill turtleneck are the perfect solution.  I'm cozy but still look professional. 

Kiersten wearing our Cobble Hill Turtleneck in white in Central Park