ds styled: a new year

new year's resolutions often are hard to follow.  but every year i find myself making one, and whether i follow it or not, at least i've had that internal conversation with myself to try to make at least one area of my life better in the new year.  

so, what is my new year's resolution this year?  it is to de-clutter.  i just ordered marie kondo's book SPARK JOY in which marie says that if you hold an object and it does not bring you joy, then it's simply time to let it go.  

pictured here is our smith jacket - in workout mode.  this jacket was one of our best-sellers in 2015 and we will be making more in the new year.  my favorite part about it is that you can wear it for a run, wear it on a power walk, wear it to the gym, or to meet your friends for sunday brunch.  it's a transitional jacket that also can be layered under your winter coat now that temperatures have finally dropped in new england.  

a jacket that serves many purposes certainly won't be going anywhere anytime soon while i de-clutter this january.  its cozy feel and stylish fit brings me a lot of joy, and we hope it does the same for you as we welcome 2016.