ds styled: heather grey willow cape

we tried to get pregnant for two years before finally becoming successful this year.  it was a really long road, and anyone reading this who is experiencing or has experienced infertility - whether it's your first or second or third child - knows that it is an arduous and often heartbreaking roller coaster.  over the course of the two year journey, i left my corporate pr job, traveled with my husband, took some time off, got a puppy, and started to develop our idea to make stylish fleece clothing.  and then dudley stephens was born, and of course - i got pregnant.  as i navigate the sometimes scary, although thrilling, road of carrying a child, our business continues to grow and all of a sudden my life has become a lot less predictable.  

yoga and meditation also became an integral part of life since we started our baby making journey.  nurturing myself was important as we had to trek to daily check-ins with our doctors.  i wore our willow cape religiously to these early morning appointments, as well as to and from yoga class, essentially living in it at all other times.   it's cozy feel, like wearing a hug (as one recent customer said), dresses up my workout clothes and provides much needed warmth and coziness at times when i have needed it.

it could be true what they say, that when you take a minute to slow down, things start to happen and the world opens up in ways you might never thought possible.  as we continue pouring our love and energy into dudley stephens, i can't wait to see what happens in other areas of life.   this cape will always remind me of those times when i wasn't feeling myself, when i had to dig deep to find courage and strength to stay positive and keep hoping.  and, it doesn't hurt to know that it will last and grow with me throughout my pregnancy, too.

credits: dudley stephens willow cape / selima sunglasses / under armor athletic top / lole workout pants / nike ID sneakers