#dstrendsetters: nyc stylist kirstin gellatly


i first met kirstin through our amazing photographer, ryan scherb, when we launched dudley stephens in 2015.  you can immediately tell she is good at her job - she is professional, works quickly and efficiently, (crucial for a stylist!!), and most importantly, she's easy to get along with and fun.  she has a magnetic personality and is a team player on set - all things that we truly appreciate!  read below about her life in huntington, ny and how DS fits into her active lifestyle.  

where do you live?

huntington, ny 

what do you do?

Fashion Stylist based in NYC.  I am the worst at talking about myself. (which is why we love her!)  I love to garden, hike, go on adventures outside, go to the beach, and go paddle boarding with our dog.  

necessary life extravagance:

Happiness, laughter, time with family and also time with friends because it is the family you get to pick. :o)  Being active in any way I can move my body… my favorite quote, “When we rest- we rust “ - Oscar de la Renta  .... I can’t sit still.  

favorite place on earth:

My recent trip to Iceland made me realize how much I enjoy nature...so anywhere outside where nature surrounds me...sounding a bit like a dating website now! 

favorite charity: 

ASPCA and any cancer charity

favorite movie:

 "Legends of the Fall"

describe a typical day in your life: 

Wake up, find my way to a cup of coffee, feed Dory and then take her for walk. I try to run, do yoga, or a fitness video in the morning or at night. Depending on my day I’m either running to catch a train to head to a job, or home filling the day with errands and projects around the house. 

describe how dudley stephens might have played a role within this routine: 

I have two amazing pieces in my DS collection and I plan on adding! The first thing I grab is my Ashford Poncho to toss on, when I am walking Dory or running errands now that the fall season is upon us! The other piece I have is my Cobble Hill Turtleneck, it served me well throughout the winter for my chilly outdoor life. It is perfect for many reasons, one being it has pockets and two it covers your bum!   

I love that DS makes fleece clothing that doesn’t look like you are rock climbing! DS is a chic, classy alternative to warm activewear that doesn’t look like you are getting ready to pitch a tent!