The other half of DS Goods


Many of you have heard a little bit about Lauren's sister, Kaki... the other half of DS Goods.  Aka the 'hidden gem'.  Because, well, to put it bluntly I am Kaki and a little self confidence never hurt anyone, right?  But in all seriousness, I am just the shy, nerdy one of the family that likes to sit behind the computer, not in front of it.  
Lauren has her hands full these days, so after a long negotiation (I am getting a free donut!), I am stepping up to talk about how great DS is.  Sure, we are both a little biased, but come on!  Cozy fleece that you can throw on in the morning and wear all day?  And still feel pulled together by the end of it?  I'll take it. 
I have 2 boys (ages 2.5 and 1), so in the mornings when getting ready I only have the amount of time it takes a toddler to unravel a roll of toilet paper. I usually throw on something DS because it is just so easy and I at least look like I put some thought into my outfit.  Yesterday happened to be my pink DS turtleneck in honor of the quickly approaching Valentine's Day and spring fever.  Then after wrestling my 2 year old to get him dressed, begging him to eat his lunch, and to play only ONE more game of red light, green light (ok fine, 2 more), I loaded both boys in the car to take JJ to school.  Then my youngest, James, and I headed to our Greenwich office to meet Lauren and put in some solid work hours before school pick up.  
Yesterday was a day of planning for our future seasons (yay new styles and colors!), getting the office organized and of course packing some white boxes with neon green tissue paper and beautiful, soft fleece products to send out to our customers.
Once I was finished at Lauren's, it was back to get JJ at school pick-up, and upon getting home, another game of red light, green light, dinner, bath time and bed time.  Just like many moms, my days are chaotic and the best treat at the end of the day is to cozy up on the couch in my DS fleece with a glass of wine.  Last night, my husband came home from work and made a fire which capped off a hectic but fun day with the boys and my sister.  
The beauty of it all is: I didn't have to change all day and still felt pulled together for the evening. Hence why this is the best Valentine's day gift (or treat for yourself) won't be disappointed.  
Signing out,
DS Goods "Hidden Gem"