what they hygge?

when my sister asked me recently if i knew what "hygge" was (pronounced HOO-gah), my response was an awkward giggle followed by a question..."no, should i?"
and her answer was, yes, you should.  hygge is the latest trend in self care by way of discovering true happiness through the every day things in life.  hygge is a danish word that means to create pleasure in the small things: whether that means an extra few minutes in a hot shower, making a steaming hot cup of tea, or putting on your favorite robe...enjoy the process, recognize the good moments, and relish in the joy that comes from these times.  
so this week, i decided to practice my own version of hygge.  with a 9 month old baby, being 5 months pregnant, and in the midst of building and running a business, you can imagine that my 'hygge' hasn't been very high lately.  luckily my son decided to sleep in a little bit late the first morning, so i was able to lay in bed a few extra minutes (heavenly) and actually speak to my husband on the phone, who has been traveling all week for work.  yes, we actually spoke on the phone.  usually when he is gone we communicate via text so it was nice to actually hear his voice and talk about how excited we both are for the weekend.
instead of rushing through my morning routine like usual, i attempted to slow down and disconnect. i tried not to be glued to my phone and shifted my focus to sitting and playing with george after he had his morning bottle.  i made a cup of coffee and steamed some milk instead of just pouring it in cold.  and then as soon as george went down for his morning nap, i took a hot shower and lingered a bit longer than i usually do.  
and of course, once deciding what to wear for the day, i went straight to my #dsgoods.  if there is any type of clothing that would go hand in hand with hygge, it is dudley stephens.  warm, comfortable, cozy...little does everyone know that today i'll actually be practicing hygge all day, simply wearing my cobble hill!
so, the outcome is: i'm into this hygge thing.  enjoying the small things in life and cozying up in our fleece seems like the way to live.