Sweater Weather (Ours Is Better)

These days, you’d have to go pretty deep in our closets to dig up a standard sweater. Hey, cashmere and wool are fine, but they’re a little high maintenance for our nonstop lifestyle. 

Here’s why we’re all in on our high-style, low-maintenance fleece fashion when it comes to Sweater Weather.

Dudley Stephens fleece cobble hill Cobble Hill Turtleneck

Itch factor: none. As of this season, our styles cover seven unique fleece fabrications, all refined for ultimate softness, and not a hint of itch. Because, let’s face it, fidgeting is not a good look. 

Dudley Stephens fleece park slope turtleneckPark Slope Turtleneck

Durability. Just try to demand as many wears from a sweater as you do from a Dudley and ask it to last. Our fleece goes the distance, wash after wash.  

Dudley Stephens fleece park slope turtleneck

Park Slope Turtleneck  

Sustainability + staying power. We source fleece spun from recycled bottles, tackling the plastics problem with a stylish solution. Our collars and silhouettes stand up, no matter what—no stains, no stretching, no one-season wonders. 

Dudley Stephens fleece turtlenecksPark Slope Turtleneck

Easy to clean. Quite possibly our favorite attribute: no hand-washing, dry-cleaning, steaming or ironing necessary.  

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