Julia Dzafic

Mom / Blogger @lemonstripes / Content Marketing Consultant

Sizing info:

How do you Dudley? I work from home full-time and always get chilly while sitting at my desk. I live in my Park Slope and Cobble Hill turtlenecks with leggings when I'm working alone. And in the summer I keep a Bedford Blanket Scarf on my chair for when the AC kicks up. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I wear my DS fleeces more than anything else in my closet. I basically live in them for everything from errand-running to school pick-up to work.

Favorite DS colors: I helped to launch the Ice Blue when it first came out, so that will always hold a special place in my heart. My other favorites are Natural Blush and Camel. And you can't go wrong with Black or Navy! When people ask me which one to buy if they're only getting one, I always recommend those, because they can go with anything.

What’s your desert island Dudley? The Cobble Hill in Navy Terry Fleece.

What size do you wear in DS? 

Cobble Hill - XS, because I like it to look like more of a slim fit.

Everything else - S

How does DS sizing run for you? The Park Slope fleece runs short, so if you have a long torso, keep that in mind. And I've found in the Vello fleece products, the sleeves are tighter because the fabric is thicker.

What’s your favorite thing to pair DS styles with? I wear my Cobble Hills with leggings and Park Slopes with jeans and skirts (here are some of my favorite ways to style it).

Any other DS fit tips? Keep in mind that when you're wearing fleece it's bulkier than cotton or other thinner fabrics, so it will look bulky if you size up.