A Few Good Moms

Every mother has a story—and our community sent so many of them in response to our Mother’s Day giveaway. Here are just a few of the comforters, caregivers and cheerleaders we’re proud to count ourselves among.

Mother's Day

Allie, nominated by her mother-in-law, Debby

“My daughter-in-law is the mother of a 3-year-old and a 10-month-old. Her husband is a Navy pilot and attached to a special forces team currently in what is recognized as a war zone. Allie is home in Virginia, under quarantine, using her teaching skills with the kids all alone. Since it is not safe for Grandparents to be with their Grandchildren at this time, we are unable to help.  Both children have severe, anaphylactic allergies, each to a different allergen and Allie has to deal with all of this alone.

Military moms face enough hardship during normal deployment times but these times are extraordinary. This is her third deployment for our nation. She does an amazing job in all of this but could certainly use a pick-me-up and she adores your style.”

Mother's Day
Joan, nominated by her husband, Garrett

“My wife, Joan FitzGerald, is also the mother to our daughter, Julie. Joan sets the bar for what it means to be dedicated, loving, strong and brave. 

When Joan and I were engaged, I was involved in a car crash and became paralyzed from the shoulders down. At that point we decided there was no use in waiting—we would get married right then and there in the ICU. As we began our journey as husband and wife, we also navigated our new normal with me in a wheelchair. We evaluated our life plans, and had to rethink the idea of having a child. It would mean that nearly all of the physical tasks of parenting would be hoisted onto Joan, and Joan only: every single feeding, diaper change, play time, bath and nighttime wake up.

Joan did not hesitate at all. She knew what she was signing up for, and was all in. 

We welcomed our daughter Julie in September 2018. It has been an amazing experience that has truly shown Joan’s dedication, love, strength and bravery. She has shouldered all physical parenting tasks as we navigate life as first-time parents in an already challenging situation. In addition, since we were both working professionals before having our daughter, Joan wanted to return to her career—and passion—speech pathology. She is dedicated to me and our family, and exudes love every minute of the day despite her fatigue. I cannot think of a better role model to show our daughter what it means to be a strong, brave, loving woman, and to do so with grace and poise.”

Mother's Day

Carly, nominated by her friend, Megan

“Carly has endured more in the last few years than one should in a lifetime. She tragically lost her younger brother in 2016 and then, not long after, lost her mother to a long and courageous fight to cancer. Ten months later she gave birth to her first child. 

Amidst her loss, Carly has continued on with more courage and grace than I could ever imagine. She inspires me everyday. She’s currently pregnant with a little boy due in June! I couldn’t imagine what Mother’s Day would feel like without your own mom around so I hope a little Dudley would bring her some extra joy that day!”