How We Dudley: Summer Reading Edition

A Dudley Girl Summer can’t possibly be complete without a lineup of juicy, beach-worthy reads at the ready. We’ve rounded up the ones on our radar along with their perfect Dudley wear-while-reading pairing…and even the right cocktail/mocktail for your cup. Happy page-turning, Dudley Girl.

Bad Summer People

By Emma Rosenblum
We hear there are whispers of truth in this juicy read set in Saltaire, Fire Island—where the author herself summers.

Pairs well with: Shoreham Crewneck. As in the novel, there’s more than meets the eye when it comes to this top.

Sips for the story: A crisp rosé, the obvious choice for a book in which summer is a verb.

Under the Influence

By Noelle Crooks (coming August 8)
A Devil Wears Prada-style novel revealing some insider truths about a certain mega-influencer brand? Sign us up.

Pairs well with: Ocean Ave Pullover in Ice Blue. You’ll be ready when things get a little…icy…with the story’s “boss babe.”

Sips for the story: The French 75, a libation bubbling over like the gossip in this real life-inspired novel. 

Everything’s Fine

By Cecelia Rabess (coming June 6)
Can two polar opposites even be friends, much less start a romance? Find out here with this witty look at modern love and identity.

Pairs well with: Bali Maxi in Blue Cabana. Like the protagonist, Jess, you’re not afraid to show your true stripes.

Sips for the story: The caipirinha, a drink equal parts sweet and sour (like the clashes between these character).

Parachute Women

By Elizabeth Winder (coming July 11)
We all know the Rolling Stones, but what about the women who helped shape their story? Fans of Daisy Jones might enjoy this true story of unsung influential women in 1960s-era rock.

Pairs well with: Crescent Cover-Up. You won’t want to leave your beach or pool perch once you settle into these stories.

Sips for the story: The Sidecar—a classic from the era, with a little twist.

Happy Place

By Emily Henry
College sweethearts reeling from a recent breakup pretend they’re still together on their friend group’s annual summer getaway. What could possibly go wrong?

Pairs well with: Pinkney Polo. A classic New England summer silhouette in keeping with the book’s Maine backdrop.

Sips for the story: The G&T—what else would you have at a cabin in Maine?

Magic Eyes

By Lauren Fornes (coming this summer; preorder here)
An uplifting story about a blind boy, inspired by the author’s son, who discovers the power of imagination in forging friendships. Proceeds benefit the Perkins School for the Blind.

Pairs well with: Girls Crescent Cover-Up

Sips for the story: Pink Lemonade, to match our cover-up’s sweet shade.

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