It’s All in the Fold

How do our turtlenecks stack up? We think they’re the G.O.A.T. (we’re not impartial)—but literally, how should we stack them to maximize space as we get after 2020 organization goals? We turned to pro organizer/mom/admitted Dudley superfan Stefanie Jones, AKA The Realistic Organizer, to share smart storage “do”s for our Dudleys (hint: all about the fold).

“Dudley Stephens fleece is made for the file fold—when you fold a garment in thirds and slide it into a drawer vertically. The structured DS fabric really holds its shape that way (unlike a cotton t-shirt, which tends to collapse), stays in place where you can easily see it, and then pulls out totally unwrinkled. I can’t say the same about conventional sweaters!

“I also store the Jay Joggers in the file fold. Most of my clients have at least one Dudley piece—sometimes five or more (!). So I end up recommending the file fold often.

“With vests and jackets, storage comes down to how you wear a piece. Is it part of your outfit—in which case it should live in your closet—or is it grab-and-go for school pickup (where a mudroom hook or coat closet hanger would be better)? That’s the approach I take with every organizing situation—it’s about maximizing space in a realistic (hence my handle) way that aligns with your real-life needs.

“I started my business so I could do something I love, while also taking care of my kids. Dudley Stephens styles are made for my lifestyle—they’re durable and comfortable enough for my active job, and even outfitted my entire twin pregnancy without stretching out. That’s why they basically make up my full wardrobe!”