S (Tall)

Sarah Stuart

Health & Human Services Professional / Influencer @sarah_rose_stuart

Sizing info:

How do you Dudley? Everywhere! I wear them from work to weekend lounging.

Favorite DS colors: Navy, Off-White, Camel & Ice Blue

What’s your desert island Dudley? That's a tough one. I’d say it’s a tie between my Park Slope turtlenecks in Navy and Off White.

What size do you wear in DS? A small for a tailored but comfy fit is perfect.

How does DS sizing run for you? I think all run true-to-size, so I think it’s more about your own shape and the length of the DS style. For example my hips are bigger than my top so I can size up in the Cobble Hill for a not-so-clingy fit. I also find the Terry Fleece feels a bit looser because the fabric isn’t so thick, which makes for easier layering.

What’s your favorite thing to pair DS styles with? The best part of styling DS is the versatility of the cut. It’s a fabric you usually only see in casual wear but the cut elevates it to dress up or down—and be comfy no matter what.

Any other DS fit tips? I like to wash them inside out and air dry (they dry super fast) to preserve the great fit. I have super long arms and the sleeves are just long enough—so I can’t afford any shrinkage.