A Label We Proudly Wear

We admit it. We sometimes choose books based on their cover art. Wine, too. We buy organic, and love “clean” beauty.

Let’s face it: We make purchasing decisions based on labels from time to time. So, what if products and brands could market themselves with the label “powered by women?” Thanks to fashion designer Rebecca Minkoff, now we can. She started the Female Founder Collective to provide a platform for women-led businesses to connect and increase their visibility and influence. The collective will use a socially visible “seal” to identify and set apart women-owned businesses—fashion and beyond. And we are incredibly honored to have been asked to join this empowering endeavor.

We are proud that Dudley Stephens is one of the 11.6 million firms owned by women (translation: 9 million jobs, $1.7 billion in sales nationwide each year). We launched the brand three years ago with a prototype and the firm belief that women shouldn’t have to choose between style and comfort: We deserve both. And we couldn’t have made it this far without the magic that happens when women support other women. 

Read more about the Collective here.

female founder collective