Behind the Lens: Dudley Classics

It's the piece that launched our brand, classic in all the ways that count: timeless, sophisticated, attainably luxurious. As we ease into Dudley's favorite season, we're celebrating our original, instant icon, the turtleneck.

To capture the essence of this much-loved silhouette (fact: a Dudley turtleneck is sold every 22 minutes!), we teamed up with noted creative director/photographer/author Claiborne Swanson Frank for a photoshoot on the beaches of Southampton, New York.

Here's what Claiborne shared about her vision behind her stunning, classic-meets-cool images for our Dudley Classics campaign.


"The vision was classic American style: tall golden grass, open skies and sandy beaches; cut-offs Levi's, long legs and the Dudley turtleneck sweater in classic colors."



"With its wide-open, dune-covered beaches, Southampton is classic American style in a location: effortlessly evocative."



"Blue Jeans. Sportswear. Dudley Stephens. These are the looks that never go out of style."