Dudley Girl Summer: Brooke Shepard, Founder, Monogram Mary

A Dudley Girl knows just how to soak up the season. We’re following some of our favorites to see what they’re up to this summer—in our styles, of course.

Today that's Brooke Shepard (@monogrammary), founder of the personalized keepsakes brand Monogram Mary and creator of the Hat of Summer, worn by the likes of Katie Couric.


DS: What’s on your agenda for the summer?

BS: I kicked off summer with lots of exciting travel, most recently a trip to the British Virgin Islands with a charity I love. I learned so much from the scientists on the board and spent quality time with amazing female founders who all prioritize sustainability.

We stayed at a fabulous hotel, The Long Bay Beach Resort—who doesn't love a beach bungalow?! You could wake up, grab your snorkel and see incredible fish and wildlife, all in the most amazing colors. I take so much inspiration from nature. Another highlight: a wonderful lunch with Sir Richard Branson. Everyone I met on the island was so friendly and I can't wait to get back one day.


Tell us about your summer entertaining traditions, including any special decor on your table.

The perfect tablescape mixes old and new. My older, more sentimental items are always perfect conversation starters, like my grandmother's tablecloth she hand stitched.

This summer I am all about a bold, colorful table setting with a rainbow of our signature scalloped cocktail napkins. Stitch each guest's name on their napkin for the perfect place card-meets-party favor.


Last year everyone was buzzing about Monogram Mary's Hat of Summer. What's the buzz this summer?

The Hat of Summer is back and better than ever—I have seen so many fun monograms come in for group trips, gifts and an all-American summer. (And it's now available on Mark & Graham as well.)

This summer's new hit is The Perfect Layer, our lightweight puff sleeve jacket. We have sold out of five colorways and have two more exciting prints coming in. I had been on the search for a lightweight jacket to wear with summer dresses or jeans, and decided to make one. I love the bright prints and adorable linings.

One last summer must-have: The Fanny Pack, featured on the Today Show and InStyle magazine as one of Katie Sturino's favorite items (her go-to monogram is Shadow block font in neon pink and orange).


What's your personal summer style?

I am a dress gal—in my recent travels I have been using a small suitcase and I always pack the DS Lanai Dress in Summer Floral, as it doesn’t wrinkle. It's also lightweight, easy to wear and in the most perfect colors for summer. I always have a fleece for breezy summer nights in the country or on the beach. Are you really a Dudley fan if you don’t have multiple colors?! No way.

My boys also love Dudley and have become quite the fans, wanting their own color collection. Their pullovers are a must-pack item for any family trip.


When you’re not hosting, monogramming, chasing your boys around this summer, you’ll be…….?

Trying to spend as much time on or near the water as I can. I have recently started paddle boarding, and I have a goal to paddle from the Hamptons to Block Island for a charity this summer.

I think it’s important to set goals or try something new every season. It helps open your mind to the idea that anything is possible.