Dudley Girl Summer: Kaki Dudley McGrath, Co-founder, Dudley Stephens

A Dudley Girl knows just how to soak up the season. We’re following some of our favorites to see what they’re up to this summer—in our styles, of course.

Today that's our very own Kaki McGrath, Dudley Stephens Co-founder and boy mom.

DS: What’s on your agenda for the summer?

KM: While we are home, we frequently go to the pool. As a family, we love having dinners at the beach where my husband and I got married. My kids are also enjoying golf this year—it's been fun to take them out to play 9 holes and grab a hamburger for dinner afterwards!

Our family is traveling to Nantucket as we do every summer. We are also heading up to Lake Winnipesaukee for a long weekend in August. My husband used to go with his family growing up; he is very excited to recreate his childhood trip with our kids.

Your family has been coming to Nantucket for years. What are your favorite locations and traditions on the island?

Nantucket is my favorite place to visit in the summer. Stepping off the ferry brings an immediate sense of calm and nostalgia that is hard to put into words. We love going to Brant Point Grill and the Sandbar at Jetties with our kids, The Chanticleer for an adults dinner, and Sayle's Seafood for takeout. We also love to pack a cooler with sandwiches at Something Natural or Henry Jr., drive out to 40th Pole Beach and park for the day. We love drive-on beaches because we can load everything we need in the car and stay for the entire day!

What's your summer style?

I love a DS top with a white jean skirt, for a look that lasts all day. On vacation, I opt for our dresses because they pack so easily and truly go from day to night! This year I am loving the Bali Short Dress in the Cabana Stripe, along with the Parker Puff Sleeve Dress.

Your go-to summer menu?

We've been growing our own vegetables in our garden this year, so I have been taking full advantage of the basil and tomatoes. I love making homemade pesto (I prefer less parmesan and no garlic), slicing up the fresh tomatoes and making a pesto tomato sandwich on sourdough bread.

What's in your summer beauty routine?

I am constantly outside so always layer on extra sunscreen, especially on my face. A brightening serum—every single night—is key to fighting sunspots.

How about your summer playlist?

Taylor Swift has been a go-to because of her tour. My kids have been loving her too—"Getaway Car" is a frequently requested song on our own car rides. I also love country in the summertime and will throw on Spotify's Top Country while we are grilling outside. I am loving the "Fast Car" remake by Luke Combs.

On my commutes to our Greenwich Townhouse, I love Podcasts to pass the time, especially Smartless, and The Skinny Confidential Him & Her Podcast.

When you’re not busy chasing your kids and running Dudley Stephens this summer, you’ll be…?

Swimming, golfing or holding lunch meetings at the beach!