Dudley Girl Summer: Lauren Fornes, Author, Magic Eyes

A Dudley Girl knows just how to soak up the season. We’re following some of our favorites to see what they’re up to this summer—in our styles, of course.

Today that's Lauren Fornes (@laurenfornes), decorator, mom and author of Magic Eyes, a book inspired by her son.

DS: What’s on your agenda for the summer?

LF: Nantucket with family and friends. Also, my first children's book releases this summer, so lots of exciting Magic Eyes book events on island (and off)!

What inspires you the most about the summer season on Nantucket?

It sounds cliche, but the light. In fact, each spread of Magic Eyes takes place at a different time over the course of a summer day on Nantucket. My illustrator and dear friend, Meredith Hanson, spent hours studying the light at each location she painted for the book. The result is nothing short of magical!

Favorite place to eat?

Lemon Press for breakfast. The Galley, Bar Yoshi, or Chanticleer for date night. Cru for a boozy lunch.

How about on-island shopping?

This is hard! For a tiny island, the chic boutique per capita ratio is high, but here’s my short list: Atlantic and Centre Pointe for gifts. Peach Tree and Sunken Ship for littles. Erica Wilson, Veronica Beard, and the newly opened Alice Walk for the ladies. John Rugge, Janice Aldridge and Rafael Osana for antiques. Mitchell’s Book Corner and Bookworks for beach reads. Flowers on Chestnut for flowers and cobblestones (IYKYK). And the Sconset Market for homemade granola that I love to have on-hand for overnight guests. 

How would you describe your personal summer style?

Clean, classic, textural with lots of white! Right now, I’m loving the Crown Lane in Waffle (Ivory)...it’s perfect over tennis whites and as an extra layer when out on the water or watching the sunset at Steps Beach.

How did you get the idea for Magic Eyes?

The original concept came easily, after coming home following a year or more in hospitals around the country. The rewrites and edits took nearly a decade. I took a couple art classes from Mer at the end of the pandemic (one was even virtual), and eventually I got up the courage to talk to her about the book. Working with her on this project and becoming dear friends through the process is one of the greatest joys of my professional life.

What do you want readers to know about having a child with differences?

Our magic is our differences! One of my son’s disabilities is that he can’t see, so he uses his imagination to invent games and connect with people. The community he builds around him without being able to see or walk is incredible, and this book extends his reach and amplifies his gifts. He sees and shares his magic, and that far outweighs anything else.

When you’re not writing, advocating or creating beautiful interiors, you’re….?

Taking photos (usually of my children) or hiding my Dudleys from my teenage daughter, who loves them as much as I do!