Heroes Among Us

We knew we’d be inspired when we launched our #dsgives campaign seeking stories from healthcare heroes—but we had no idea how much. We received over 200 responses from members of the Dudley community, each highlighting a different way our health caregivers are stepping up at this extraordinary time.

Here are just three of those stories. We wish we could share them all, and in the coming weeks we will share more. If you submitted a story, please be on the lookout for your special discount code to shop our site. Because the one thing we can do is offer a little comfort while you do the incredible work you do.

Heather Power
Occupational Therapist and Director of Rehabilitation
Skilled Nursing Facility, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

“My world revolves around providing top care to the greatest generation to grace this planet. We work to rehabilitate strokes, joint replacements, cardiac patients, diabetic patients (and many other conditions) as well as provide end-of-life care. We understand this may include COVID patients as we’ve converted half of our skilled wing to be a safe COVID wing. We are grateful for all the ways Maine Health has fought to protect our patients and our employees. Nothing is more important to us than them. Your park slope turtlenecks have been a lifesaver giving me a cozy feeling amidst this chaos.”

Heroes Among Us: Amber

Amber Anderson
Family Medicine Physician
Atrium Health Cabarrus, Charlotte, North Carolina

“I practice full-spectrum medicine, meaning I work in both a clinic and hospital, taking care of newborns to elderly patients. I also deliver babies. Since the COVID-19 pandemic, I have gone from seeing my patients daily to hearing their voices over the phone, and wearing more and more protective equipment in the hospital and in the delivery room. I think the biggest struggle for me is not being able to see my patients’ faces. The faces I am able to see are through a computer screen or face shield.

Every day has been different. For the most part this job can be unpredictable, but this is new-level unpredictable. I delivered a baby last week wearing an N95, surgical mask, glasses, gown and face shield, and everyone in the room was wearing similar attire. It was terribly uncomfortable, but all I could think about was what this newborn baby must think being welcomed into the world to these masked people (including her momma). Spending hours in protective equipment is very claustrophobic, so I spend a lot of time just talking myself into a sense of peace as I feel the mask pull against my breath and the sweat build up on my face shield. I feel blessed I am able to provide care to my patients and support health during this pandemic, but it has been a strong learning curve. The lessons we have gained during these weeks are nothing we could have learned in school. Thank you for supporting us during this difficult time!”

Hereos Among Us: Stephanie

ICU Nurse
COVID Unit, Boston, Massachusetts

“This is unlike anything we ever expected to deal with. As scary and uncertain as it is, everyone I work with is staying SO strong and I’m so honored to be a part of this with all of them by my side. Our hearts go out to the families of the victims who aren’t able to be at their loved one’s bedside during this difficult time.”