A Match Made for Haven’s

We love an excuse for a party (who doesn’t?). And what better reason to celebrate than three years of #dsgoods and the launch of our first design collaborations, with Happily Eva After and Lemon Stripes. So celebrate we did, with an incredibly special evening at NYC’s Haven’s Kitchen.

dudley stephens Ashton Keefe dinner

The dinner featured signature cocktails (“Lightly Skipping” pictured above —mixing instructions to come!) and a cooking demo by dynamic chef, author and food stylist (of Today show fame) Ashton Keefe, who walked us through homemade gnocchi. And of course the evening would not have been complete without the true sense of community among the women—the collab partners, stylemakers, friends and Dudley devotees—we were lucky to have celebrating by our side.

Here’s the evening in pictures, followed by a make-your-own gnocchi recipe courtesy of Ashton, so you can Dudley from the comfort of home.

dudley stephens Ashton Keefe dinner

Julia and Eva congratulate each other on their sell-out successes!

dudley stephens jared reichert

Harvest inspired decor courtesy of Jared Reichert, the inspired designer behind our recent office redesign (watch this space for before & after office pictures!).

dudley stephens Ashton Keefe haven's kitchen New York city

Ashton Keefe shows us the way to gluten-free gnocchi.

dudley stephens Ashton Keefe

dudley stephens happily Eva after and lemonstripes

Our design collaborators in their signature styles.

dudley stephens Brighton boatneck top

Lauren in the Brighton Boatneck Top (coming soon; stay tuned!)

Julia Dzafic lemon stripes for dudley stephens

Julia in her signature Ice Blue 

Eva amurri martino for dudley stephens hot pink

Eva in her signature hot pink

dudley stephens Lauren stephens and kaki McGrath

Lauren & Kaki

dudley stephens bonnie dudley haven's kitchen

Our Mom, Bonnie Dudley

dudley stephens haven's kitchen dinner

Enjoying the delicious food!  All images courtesy of Carter Fish.

Ashton Keefe’s Gluten-Free Gnocchi

2 lb potatoes, preferably russet

2 eggs

1 teaspoon salt

1 1/2 cups rice flower

Preheat oven to 400. Poke potatoes with a fork and roast until tender, about 1 hour. Remove from oven and cool.

In a small bowl whisk eggs and salt.

Dust the bottom of a bowl with rice flour (about 1/2 cup) and slice potatoes, scoop out inside flesh and squeeze through a river or food press into the ball, over the rice flour.

Pour eggs over potatoes and using a bench scraper fold in egg, slowly adding the flour from the bottom of the bowl.

Continue to dust flour 1/4 cup at a time over the potatoes and knead until the dough comes together and is not longer sticky. You may not need all of it.

Roll dough out on a floured surface and cut into four pieces. Roll each into long rods and then cut each rod into 1/2” pieces.

Roll each 1/2” piece into a ball and press on the back of a fork or gnocchi board.

Continue making gnocchi, placing each on a floured sheet tray.

If cook right away bring a large pot to a boil and salt generously. Boil gnocchi for 1 minute until they float and remove to a sheet tray, giving them space to cool and dry. Can be dressed and served as is or dried out and then pan seared.

Save ½ cup of gnocchi water.

To pan sear heat a few tablespoons olive oil over medium high heat and add gnocchi. Allow the gnocchi to sear, without stirring, for 1-2 minutes until the underbelly is nice and golden brown. Toss and repeat for the other side. Add sauce to pan and toss.