Be Their Guest

As brands like ours grow online, the connection between products and customers can sometimes feel a little more digital than tactile. Enter Annie Pratt and Heather Schuhwerk, fashion brand gurus who recognized the opportunity to bridge that gap, with a unique space that recreates the shopping experience for our digital world. 

We asked Heather and Annie to tell us more about what inspired them to create The Guesthouse in Hingham, Massachusetts, and how they hope to build community within the space. Read on—and come visit our pop-up there on Thursday, September 6, 5-9 p.m. and Friday, September 7, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.!

“We watched all these amazing small companies launching and growing online, and we realized: Consumers still love to see and feel products before making a purchase. But we both come from the retail world, so we know that having storefronts just isn’t realistic for many small fashion and home brands.    

So we thought, what if we could create a beautiful space where these brands could ‘set up shop’ through pop-ups that let them interact directly with customers? The idea was too good, so we tapped our retail backgrounds and made it a reality.

Voila: The Guesthouse was born, nestled among the charming shops of our hometown, Hingham. It’s a place where we’ll rebuild those connections between entrepreneurs and communities. We’ll host a rotating lineup of apparel, accessories, home decor and sports apparel brands, as well as fine artists. And we’re so excited to launch with Dudley Stephens.

Our goal is to give our guests that little heartflip that comes from finding and bringing home new and unexpected treasures.”


the guesthouse hingham