Fleece in Focus: Vello & Terry

With a full lineup of #dsgoods fleece textures and weights, we get a lot of questions about what makes each one distinctive. Toward the top of your FAQs is how our core Vello and lighter-weight terry fleeces are set apart. Dudley Stephens fleece school’s now in session: Here’s a primer to help you make an educated add-to-cart decision. 

Vello Fleece

Vello Fleece is the fabric that launched our brand. It’s super-soft, tightly woven and warm—most like the “traditional” fabric you may associate with classic fleece. Ours is extra cozy, and crafted for durability. It’s stain resistant and keeps its signature structure, wear after wear.

Terry Fleece

Terry Fleece is a bit lighter in weight and slightly less structured than the Vello. Think sweatshirt fabric—the most luxuriously soft sweatshirt you can imagine. It’s year-round versatile and layerable, with a hook-and-loop terry texture that dries quickly. Also crafted for ultimate wearability and washability. 

Both of these fabrics are spun from yarn that repurposes plastic bottles—with our styles, we’ve recycled almost 2 million bottles to date!