Getaway Heroes

Summer vacation: Two of our favorite words. Packing for it? Not so much. There’s that delicate balance—overpacking vs. being stylishly prepared for all possible scenarios. And anything that wrinkles is right out, since nothing puts a damper on downtime like a dewrinkling chore.

But our growing collection of wardrobe multitaskers, fleece and Beyond, have made simplified packing, dare we say, a dream. These pieces can be anything you need them to be, whatever direction your getaway goes.

Best of all, our lifeproof fabrics aren’t afraid of anything: sand, spills, sunscreen mishaps. They take all that vacation may bring, in stride—not a wrinkle in sight.

Capsule-ize your packing with a piece-by-piece approach:

Wilshire Top + Devon Dress

A not-at-all-basic top. We haven’t found a single thing the Wilshire Top won’t pair with.

The 9-to-9 dress. Put on the Devon Dress for your morning coffee run. Wear through last call (and beyond).

Hendrie Hoodie

The hop-around hoodie. Picture this: you on a beach cruiser, adventure-ready hoodie with your favorite cutoffs, pedaling to town or trail. The picture of summer.

India Tunic + Spring Street Scarf

A timeless tunic. As in, it has no idea what time it is (and neither do you—it’s vacation). Day? Night? Doesn’t matter. The India Bell Sleeve Tunic is just right.

Summer breeze security. From travel wrap while you get there, to top-of-shoulders for your stay, this scarf is your ideal getaway companion.

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