The Windsor, for the Win

Have you ever seen a fleece blazer like this? We hadn’t either—which is why we designed it. Here, our design team shares the behind-the-scenes details.

Dudley Stephens navy fleece blazer

The silhouette: The cropped idea was Bonnie’s, when she began to sense that the high-waisted pant was (finally) coming back.

Dudley Stephens fleece blazer

The details: We took the tailoring on this one to new levels of obsessiveness to find the most flattering fit. The magic of this piece is in the puff shoulder, which universally flatters by lending stature and proportion.

Dudley Stephens fleece Windsor blazer

Styling the piece: “I love the way the cropped style looks with high-waisted, flared jeans or pants,” says Bonnie. “Add a three-inch heel and it’s an incredibly slimming, streamlined look. It was fun to take our fleece to new levels of fashion with this style.”