500,000 Bottles Reused. With Style.

A sail on our beloved Long Island Sound gave us the idea for Dudley Stephens—so it only made sense to give back to the environment when it came time to source our fleece.  Since we launched in 2015, we've been sourcing our fabric from one of the original fleece manufacturers, well-known for inventing a genius manufacturing method to spin yarn from recycled plastic bottles that would otherwise land in landfills (a shocking 40 billion plastic bottles are trashed each year in the U.S. alone). 

dudley stephens fleece turtleneck dress

The quality of the yarn is equal in performance—we think it’s even softer, more luxe and more durable—as traditional fleece made from other synthetics. It’s stain resistant and lasts (and lasts). And the manufacturing process behind it cuts down on carbon dioxide and energy output. So we built our designs on it—and we’ve never looked back.

dudley stephens fleece turtleneck dress

We’re proud to say our #dsgoods fleece has helped recycle upwards of 500,000 bottles. All because of a serendipitous sail and our cozy chic (and earth conscious!) community. Looking and feeling good, inside and out? A style win. Here’s to doing our part for the planet, and the one millionth bottle mark that’s ahead.

Lauren is wearing our Tilden Turtleneck Dress in Natural Blush.