A Heritage at Sea

It’s the holiday season—a time to take stock, appreciate our heritage and soak in the small moments with our favorite people, which keep us afloat year round. We grew up on the Long Island Sound, where Dudley Stephens was born from a desire for stylish yet practical clothing that keeps us warm when coastal breezes come in. As we launched the brand and learned we could make the pieces we coveted in a way that supports coastal environments—by keeping plastic bottles out of our waterways—we knew it was meant to be.

Dudley Stephens Chappywrap Barton & grey

Today, we’re celebrating our coastal roots with a look back at a memorable afternoon on the Chesapeake Bay with ChappyWrap and other good friends—a highlight of 2019. 

Dudley Stephens fleece cobble hill turtlenecks

Dudley Stephens fleece

dudley stephens fleece turtlenecks

Dudley Stephens fleece turtlenecks