The DS Fabric Guide

With a wide range of weights and textures, there’s a Dudley Stephens recycled fabric for all seasons and occasions. Our styles have repurposed over 6 million plastic bottles (and counting).

Vello Fleece

Soft, tightly woven and warm, this fabric is most like the “traditional” fabric people associate with fleece (but ours is extra cozy!).

Terry Fleece

Think sweatshirt fabric (the most luxurious sweatshirt you can imagine), this versatile, four-season fabric has a hook-and-loop texture that’s almost towel-like.

Striped Fleece

A recycled fabric with a feel of its own: the sink-in soft finish of our core Vello Fleece, combined with the lightweight feel of our Terry Fleece, and a bit more stretch.

Sherpa Fleece

Fuzzy soft and warm with a plush texture, this is as close to lambswool as fleece gets—without the itch factor.


This innovative recycled fabric is all about luxe texture. Polartec® calls it Power Air,™ since it catches air to keep in warmth while keeping microfiber shedding to a minimum (read: high-fashion, low eco-impact). With a jersey-sheen finish in a medium weight, it’s a woven waffle that checks all our boxes for elevated four-season wear.

Eco Stretch

A versatile, lightweight nylon/lycra hybrid, layerable with a soft finish and a touch of recoverable stretch to move with you—no matter where you’re moved to take it. 

Repreve® Stretch

Same stretch as our Eco Stretch, with a bit more structure. The feel of a premium performance  fabric, built into everywhere pieces.

Luxe Stretch

A Poly/Lycra blend made from recycled bottles. Lightweight with some structure, stretchy and breathable. A luxe feel, as its name suggests.