A New Fabric Frontier: Beyond Fleece

When we set out to add a new, non-fleece fabrication to our growing collection, we knew it had to check some brand-right boxes. Our priority was to find a non-fleece recycled fabric that was machine washable, stretchy and did not wrinkle. From there, we knew we could design the core styles to launch this collection, pieces that we felt were missing from our own wardrobes: the perfect tee to layer under our DS Fleece, (or wear on its own), the easiest-to-wear dresses and incredibly versatile tops.

We attended many fabric fairs in NYC (pre-Covid, of course) in search of this dream fabric. We knew it existed, but it was a matter of sourcing the right weight, with just the right stretchiness. We were relentless in finding the right one! It took a bit of time, investment and testing first, and then even further experimentation to make sure our selection would work for the core styles we had in mind. The new fabric we’re releasing on February 2——the DS Beyond Collection’s first, which we’re calling Jersey—lent each and every quality we set out to find.

“My personal favorite is our India Bell Sleeve Top. I layer it under all of my DS Fleece tops, and under our blazers as well. For the past 16 years I’ve had a Calvin Klein Collection top, a forever wardrobe piece for me, in my closet—but this India top is replacing that top for me, which says a lot about it! The form, the fit, the function of it…I just love it.” - Lauren 

The styles we designed are all wardrobe basics, done in a modern way—the same inspiration that has driven our brand from day one. Once again, we’ve found a classic fabric, made from recycled materials, and adapted it to create silhouettes that are both stylish and easy to wear for the modern woman.

Once we emerge from Covid, we think women will be able to wear this collection to the office, job interviews, school functions….then out to dinner, or layered casually under sweaters or blazers. True to the DS ethos, this collection was envisioned to be worn to tackle any and all tasks or events on the day’s agenda.

“We have another DS Beyond collection coming later in the Spring that we also cannot wait to debut. If you miss your favorites from this drop, just stay tuned for much more!” - Kaki