A Townhouse Transformation

With plans to bring Team Dudley back to our Greenwich, Connecticut Townhouse headquarters, we needed a plan to turn what had become a multitasking space through the pandemic—office, showroom, temporary store, order fulfillment center—into a functional work space for our growing team. With the help of Michelle Barone, owner of Madison Hudson Design, we created an ideal space combining form and function, just in time for our busiest fall season yet.

The before: Our space had served us and our customers well when we needed flexibility, but lost its identity as a shared workplace for our team. In addition to individual workspaces for each team member, we needed a central area where our team can have meetings, eat lunch and brainstorm future styles. Adding to the challenge, the office still needed to share space with a photoshoot backdrop and a showroom area. Finally, we wanted a bright, open space that was comfortable and inviting for our team’s big return following WFH.

The after: The Townhouse glow-up gave us the best of all words, our functional and aesthetic goals exceeded. There’s a home for everything, with the necessary clutter tucked away. Our space has a serene neutral palette with lots of natural light. And the furniture is functional but minimal with clean lines and an elegant feel. It’s an open, productive space—just in time to open our office doors once again.