All in the Details

This week’s drop is all about the details—the little innovations we constantly strive toward in our quest to make fleece clothing fashionable, and planet-friendly. 

With this new release of the Remsen Blazer—one of our very first styles and a favorite—we wanted to up the ante on its high-style polish with eye-catching buttons (versus the original, hidden-snap closure). We knew we wanted elevated-feeling metal with our signature pineapple.

Another of this week’s #dsgoods evolutions is a product of our quest for sustainable, low-waste manufacturing. After our production runs, we end up with fleece remnants that are too small for full-size products, but too large to toss without unnecessary waste. The return of the 90s-mainstay scrunchie offered a eureka moment—and we’re excited to join the bandwagon while doubling down on our recycling resolve with the DS Scrunchie. Like our clothing collection, it’s a piece you can wear all day—from Central Perk and beyond.

Stay tuned for more #dsgoods details, including another mission-based application of our surplus fleece.

Dudley Stephens fleece