An Interview with the Icon

To celebrate our collaboration, our co-founders, Lauren and Kaki, sat down with the stylemaker herself to reveal all the reasons Dudley Stephens is just right for @barbiestyle™.

@barbiestyle™: This is so exciting—today we’re launching my very own signature Dudley Stephens fleece turtleneck. How did you know @barbiestyle™ was the perfect partner for your brand?

Lauren: Dudley Stephens is all about outfitting modern women for comfort and style together, without compromising either. Our pieces keep up with everything you have on your schedule. Since Kaki and I were little girls we’ve been so inspired by the brand you’ve built around women looking and feeling their best while accomplishing big things. We knew our clothing would catch your eye for all those reasons!

@barbiestyle™: It did! I love that I can wear this piece to work, for brunch with the girls, for a date night or even just to run out for errands—always looking chic. The other thing that I loved right away is that you make your clothing with recycled materials. 

Kaki: Yes, and that’s really core to our brand. When we launched seven years ago, we knew that if we could find high-performing recycled fabrics it was a no-brainer that we would choose to design our pieces with them—we wanted to be an antidote to waste and fast fashion. We’ve never looked back, and continue to build recycled materials into our pieces, down to our pocket linings. We’ve recycled more than five million plastic bottles through our clothing to date! 

@barbiestyle™: Love that. I shop responsible fashion brands whenever I can. How did you choose the Palmer Puff Sleeve as my signature piece?

Lauren: We knew right away that it was the perfect piece for you. It’s such a nice balance of femininity, with its pretty puff sleeve, and strength, with our confidence-building stand-up collar. And of course it’s in your favorite bright pink, with a light pink embroidered pineapple we created just for you!

@barbiestyle™: Good thing it’s machine washable—I really might wear it every day! Last question. What does being a female founder mean to you? 

Kaki: It really feels like such an honor to be in a sort of “club” with so many bright, dynamic, creative female leaders—like you! It’s such a supportive community who cheers one another on as we meet new milestones. That’s why we’re also so excited that a portion of sales from our collaboration will go to your Dream Gap Project, to give girls the resources they need to believe that they, too, can dream big and build something of their own.

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