Back to School, In Style

It’s that time again—backpacks are replacing beach bags. Whether your little is going to a playgroup or that first Kindergarten bus ride, why not sprinkle some fun in back-to-school shopping while you pick up the must-have supplies? That was our inspiration when we headed to Kirby Girl in Darien, Connecticut, with our friend Alston and her daughter Elizabeth. Between the shop’s sunny vibe and Elizabeth's excitement, we couldn’t help but feel all the happy.  

Here are Elizabeth's must-haves, including our Little Girls Turtleneck in white, and her new rules for back to school.

dudley stephens fleece
Think Beyond the Backpack
Why not mix it up with a new bag for those supplies?

dudley stephens little girls turtleneck

Extra Reading Never Hurts
Especially a book full of adventure.

dudley stephens fleece turtleneck

Take Time for Treats
Hard work wins the sweetest rewards.

dudley stephens fleece

Cute Can Be Cozy
Out: itchy sweaters. In: playtime-friendly fleece.

dudley stephens fleece

Shopping Is More Fun with Friends
(Like your mom and little brother.)