Behind the Brand: Katherine “Kaki” McGrath

She’s one half of Dudley Stephens’ founding sister act, and the brain behind all things operational for the brand—from keeping our digital shop updated and running, to tracking fulfillment and overseeing customer service. And despite wearing all those hats in perfect style, she always has time to light up The Townhouse with moments of perfect comic relief.

In honor of Kaki’s birthday today, we wanted to let our community get to know this (admittedly) slightly camera-shy Dudley sister. Happy birthday, Kaki!


Meet Kaki, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer

Hometown: Darien, Connecticut

Dudley day-in-my-life: The best part of a small business is that it’s all hands on deck, so everyone helps out with, and has a say in, everything. My role broadly covers brand operations, and I love the analytics, production planning and forecasting, and digital media aspects. We now have some amazing employees to help with fulfillment and customer service, which I am so thankful for!

Personal style muse: Not one person specifically, but I always love Audrey Hepburn’s and Jackie Kennedy Onassis’ style.

Pinch-me moment: When our website went live and we sent out our first newsletter to family and friends, resulting in our first sale.  

Secret superpower:  I am not sure how much of a superpower this is, but I try to provide humor and a sense of calm when things are stressful.

Sunshine on a cloudy day: My kids laughing!

Wise words: Perfection is an imperfection.  

Go-to movie: I am a sucker for a corny sports movies such as Remember the Titans. Being a good teammate was important to me growing up as an athlete, and continues to be as we grow our DS team.  

Personal soundtrack:  Anything by James Taylor, especially “Sweet Baby James.”  

Desert island must-have: Fleece for the chilly nights (naturally).

Guilty pleasure: Snuggling up with my kids on our big blue couch.

Dudley Stephens fleece