Behind the Designs: Perfecting the Cut

We’ll never forget our first Cobble Hill fittings. They were truly magical: the length, the pockets, the stand-up all came together and created a versatile, stylish, totally durable style that we knew would fit right into our lives. We left the fitting thinking we had to have that turtleneck, now!  

Ultimately, we made about five samples before arriving at the final Cobble Hill Turtleneck. Today, that’s the standard for all of our designs. We go into our factory in Brooklyn weekly for design meetings and fittings, painstakingly perfecting the cuts on our pieces until they reach that same must-have status we felt for the Cobble Hill.

Below, Lauren, Kaki and Bonnie share more notes on our design and production process.

Our closets call the styles.

We create styles missing from our own wardrobes. We don't make add-ons; we make staples. We curate and design what we think women actually need, to simplify closets everywhere. That’s what makes our approach unique: We don’t design large seasonal collections that come and go.  

Guided by that ethos, each piece is a labor of love—we spend so much time with them, they’re like children we send off to the world when we launch.


Fit is in how it feels.

We love how a turtleneck provides just the right amount of coverage, in a sleek way that lends total confidence. For our Cobble Hill Turtleneck design, we wanted a style that fit longer, with pockets and a statement-making collar.

We pull inspiration from everywhere, but our main inspiration is in how to work with our own bodies: What do we feel most confident wearing? What about a style makes us feel our best? Our design process is emotional—it’s not only about the art of the fit, but how that fit makes you feel. 


It’s all in the details.

We emphasize details: just the right length, tailored silhouettes, pockets, stand-up collars. We apply these design notes to each style the Dudley way. Our pet peeve is a turtleneck that won't stay up straight! Our pockets were also a must for style and practicality, for an outerwear feel that ups the versatility.  

Case in point: Developing our best-selling Pacific Vest (back this fall!) took multiple samples to make sure the collar and cut were just right. And of course, it has pockets as well. The details are what give it and other pieces immediate, comfortable confidence layered over easy basics.


By women, for women.

We truly appreciate when customers tell us what they think, good or bad! We read each email and consider every comment. When we heard a plea for more XXLs, we immediately revised production to amp up inventory. We constantly work to expand our style offerings, so women of all sizes can find what they love. And we fit and re-fit our styles to make them even better.

We are moms, working women, friends, family. We are all in it together, and we want to keep this brand inclusive: a collaboration of many thoughts, ideas, designs. It's so important for our customers and community to feel heard, so if there is something you want to see, do tell