Bonds in Business

As a sister act and mother/daughter trio growing a brand together, we are asked (a lot!) how we juggle our family ties with our shared professional pursuit. The truth is, there’s no “secret sauce”—and we are incredibly fortunate to consider the time we spend together a true perk of the job. But in honor of Mother’s Day, we wanted to pause and share a few key ways we balance our personal and professional bonds.

  1. We lean on our individual strengths. “I bring insights from the fashion industry to the table, while Kaki has an incredible instinct for business and management. We try to stay in our own lanes and apply our separate strengths to their greatest advantage.” -Lauren

  2. We leave judgment at the door. “We’re not afraid to throw ideas out there—no matter how crazy they might seem. The other day I sent Lauren and Kaki a picture of a shaggy hat from the 1960s, and no one laughed. It’s a true collaboration, and we all recognize that inspiration can come from anywhere.” -Bonnie

  3. We’re our own “village.” “We step up for each other when life happens—sick kids, travel snafus and other unexpected curveballs. We’re true partners, all trying to balance work and life. My advice for anyone considering entrepreneurship is to find a partner who ‘gets it.’” -Kaki