Comfort Clothing

When life hands us lemons, making lemonade starts with dressing the part. We love hearing how our #dsgoods community turns to our cozy, confidence-boosting styles when comfort clothing is in order.

When we’re anxious. 

“Recently, I had to see a medical specialist at the University of Michigan,” one customer told us. “I wanted to find a way to offset my anxiety, so I wore my Park Slope, because it is so comfy and feels very ‘me.’ After the new doctor and I finished talking about my health issues, she said, ‘Can I ask you an unrelated question—is that a Dudley Stephens?’ I smiled and relaxed for the first time in hours. Thank you for making a great product that helps foster a community of engagement—it isn’t just a shirt or sweater or scarf. It’s something that connects people and creates conversation.”

When we’re sick.

We’re not saying they’re as curative as chicken soup, but with flu season upon us, many of you tell us that you reach for the cozy hug of our fleece pieces when you’re sick—the clothing form of comfort food.

When we’re fighting for something.

After we posted one of Team Dudley’s IVF stories, we heard that #dsgoods are many an IVF warrior’s go-to. “I went through IVF last fall, and with all the shots, surgery, tests, etc. it’s such an uncomfortable process and my DS turtleneck was all I’d wear,” wrote one. “Ended in a success story: expecting baby girl in August.” (Chills!) 

When we need a little boost.

“Being a scientist can be a very lonely and isolating life. The first time I saw this picture...was the first time I looked at myself and saw a real scientist,” wrote @laf_in_the_lab about this shot. “I would be lying if I said this is what I see when I look in the mirror—I usually see an exhausted mom. Sometimes, looking at your favorite picture of yourself can be an important visual reminder of what you are capable of, despite how you may feel or what you think you may see in the mirror.”