Crafts in the City (By the Bay)

Some of us are DIY fanatics. Some fear anything craft-related. But we gathered at San Francisco’s Batch last week—where you can find our collection in the Holiday Batch through January 5—for a special night of crafting + camaraderie.

Dudley Stephens batch San Francisco

In the room: Kathleen Barnes (AKA Carrie Bradshaw Lied), Stacie Flinner (of her eponymous blog) and a host of fast friends who gave us a warm welcome as we made our West Coast Dudley debut.  

Dudley Stephens San Francisco

We sipped cocktails by Pomp & Whimsy while Maggie Philbin of Enjoy Blume helped us assemble magnolia wreaths for the holidays.

Dudley Stephens batch San Francisco

And though Maggie, Stacie and Kathleen set the wreath-making bar high (we’ll stick to designing fleece clothing), we made new connections and loved seeing how our collection resonated with San Francisco’s West Coast-chic residents.  

Dudley Stephens batch San Francisco

Feeling crafty (but can’t commit to full DIY)? We asked Maggie to share how to shortcut the handcrafted vibe by starting with a store-bought wreath:

“Often, store-bought wreaths have artificial accents. I'd recommend cutting those out and 'zhushing' it up with elements of fresh greens like eucalyptus (all year long) or pine (holiday seasonal) which you can either source from a local market or your backyard, depending on where you live. Another classic option during holiday time is to add a simple, elegant bow as seen here."

Dudley Stephens fleece batch San Francisco