Dressing the Part

“Dressing up is my armor,” says Lydia Fenet in her book, “The Most Powerful Woman in the Room Is You.” In fact, clothing plays a starring role in her look back at a two-decade career taking auctions for the traditionally male-dominated Christie’s. Her story spans how she balances an 18-hour work day and family life (every minute accounted for), how she commands a room (it starts with a strike of her gavel) and how she conquers nerves before big events (like the time she presided over Madison Square Garden with Bruce Springsteen). 

Lydia shared with us how she uses clothing to her advantage, and why she decided to share her story, below. Follow along with her @lydiafenet for upcoming tour dates/book signings. 

“Women used to dress in suits—but I find power in my femininity. I prefer sparkly heels and cocktail dresses. I look for pieces that make me feel appropriately dressed and comfortable in my own skin.”  

Lydia Fenet Dudley Stephens Lydia is wearing our Cobble Hill in Natural Blush and her daughter is wearing our Girls Turtleneck in Neon Pink.

“What I love about my Dudley Stephens pieces is that I can feel instantly put-together and chic, but not too precious. I can wear it to the beach, or around my kids’ sticky fingers.”  

“I wrote the book because I grew up with the message that speaking up and being noticed isn't ladylike. So many women are sitting around putting others’ needs before theirs, waiting for permission to do something they are drawn to do. This is a hot pink permission slip to go out and go after your dreams.”

Dudley Stephens fleece Lydia Fenet Lydia is wearing our Cobble Hill Turtleneck in Navy and her daughter is wearing our Toddler Turtleneck in Neon Pink.