Dudley Discoveries: The Local Moms Network

Our lineup of stripes returns this summer.

Mother’s Day? We prefer to celebrate all month—today, by highlighting Layla Lisiewski, who founded The Local Moms Network on the idea that women and moms should never be underestimated. Like dressing in Dudley every morning, the network gives moms the gift of time by connecting them with one another—and with resources and lifehacks that save the day.

We asked Layla to share more on the magic of the rapidly growing network, which just won the attention of Forbes.

DS: What led you to found the network?

LL: Soon after becoming a mom and relocating from NYC to my hometown of Greenwich, CT, the idea for a community to connect moms was born. Even though I grew up in Greenwich, I didn’t feel a real connection to the community. I felt isolated and found myself looking for resources to navigate the challenges of motherhood, and I wanted to share those ideas with others. After talking to mom friends who were also endlessly searching for resources and activities for their families, I knew there was a need for a parent’s modern-day connection to the community.

What would you say is the most valuable benefit your network offers moms?

We give moms the gift of time—because what mom couldn’t use more time?! We provide this through our network of local parents curating content, resources and events for communities across the country. Need a new pediatrician? Shortlist of summer camps? Recommendations for an interior designer? We have you covered. In short, we do the legwork so you don’t have to.

Why do you think this is so needed—why has it resonated among modern moms?

Moms across the country are being pushed to their limits on so many levels. Our platform has resonated even more over the past year because we are all about making families’ lives easier. We are proud to offer our channel as a way to simplify parenthood, through content and vetted resources on everything a parent needs to know or could possibly want ideas about.

As moms ourselves, we’ve seen so much mom-to-mom judgment, probably fueled by social media/influencer culture. It seems like that has evolved and moms are better able to keep it real. Do you agree?

There was definitely a time where it felt like everything on social media was very staged and the real struggles and day-to-day challenges that come with being a mom were glossed over. Moms are showing more of their reality, and followers are appreciating that.  It's not an easy job and acknowledging that helps us all. Because we’re all in this together—the pandemic, but also parenthood.

Where do you plan to take it from here?

I am excited to announce that we will add at least 50% more platforms with chapters in every state by year's end. We will also be growing our newest channel, The Local Marketplace—a new "shop local" feature that makes it easier to directly support local. We round up local offerings from businesses and artisans in each community, sort of like a miniature Amazon for local. Given how COVID has made shopping more difficult and so many local businesses are struggling from the pandemic, our goal is to provide a direct online channel to help people buy local and support their favorite small businesses. The mission is to simplify the way people plan and make their purchases, all while giving them a new and inventive local experience.