Dudley Doing Good: A New Narrative for Kids in Need

No matter how hectic a day gets, the quiet moments we spend reading with our kids before bed always bring us back to what matters. But for too many families, those moments are out of reach: Quality books and the time to read them take a back seat to just making ends meet. Children from low-income families have heard a shocking 30 million fewer words than their peers by age four, and start Kindergarten already 12-14 months behind national norms in language and pre-reading.

So on this day of remembrance and service, we’re thinking about the thousands of children served by Books for Kids, our nonprofit partner. Books for Kids changes the narrative for these families by promoting literacy—building libraries, donating books and offering reading programs. Stay tuned for opportunities to support the cause when you take home Dudley Stephens fleece this fall. Because sometimes all it takes is one great story to change the narrative for a child.

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