Dudley x STIK: Behind Our Hat Collab

The handknit merino wool beanies by Sh*t That I Knit have become as recognizable as our turtlenecks—and many of our brands’ customers are loyal to both! To celebrate our official collab with the Dudley x STIK Hat, part of our newly launched Ski Collection, we asked STIK Founder & CEO Christina Fagan to share what it means to bring our brands together with a beanie.

As a fellow female founder, what does it mean to you to be able to partner with like-minded, female-led brands?

I love it, because it usually ends up in friendship! I’ll never forget meeting Lauren and Kaki for the first time and being so excited to get to know them better. I was already a huge fan of Dudley Stephens and couldn’t wait to learn about how they started the business and what they were working on. Honestly, running a business is really hard and it can be lonely at times. Being able to grab a coffee or hop on a zoom with someone who truly just “gets it” is very cathartic for me. I am also a big believer that a rising tide lifts all boats—so if there’s a way that we can help each other, I’m here for it! 

Why do you think so many DS customers are also STIK customers? 

This isn’t too hard for me to dissect because I fit this profile—I am totally the target demographic for both STIK and DS. I think our customers care about quality, investing in pieces that are both functional and flattering, and being a part of a community. A lot of our customers are busy women who want staples that make them feel their best, and I don’t think you can go wrong in a classic DS turtleneck and a STIK hat. We both have very loyal customers who have helped us grow our brands—they’ve been with us since the beginning and the community is incredible! 

What do you love about the Dudley beanies and why does every ski (and après!) fan need one? 

I was so excited when Lauren and Kaki reached out about custom Dudley beanies as I knew they’d be a huge hit. It was fun to get a sneak peek at the Ski Collection last spring and see how the Dudley team works in planning mode.  

I can’t wait to see how the Dudley customers react to the beanies. I know how much they love to rep the brand and it’ll be really fun to see them in the wild! Plus, they will go perfectly with the new Ski Collection—making for a really cute and chic look. I’ll be wearing mine at Cannon this winter, look for me at après!  

What are you most looking forward to this winter season (other than your new arrival!)?

Really looking forward to newborn snuggles by the fire. While I probably won’t take a traditional maternity leave (the realities of owning my own business), I will take time to work from home and live exclusively in leggings and Dudleys. Probably cozied up under a ChappyWrap!