Easy Does It

If you’re like us, you’re constantly looking for ways to make mornings easier—and getting dressed is no exception. So when chilly air drifts in, making more layers necessary, it puts a cramp in our simplicity-craving style.

Enter our Tilden Turtleneck Dress, which we designed around exactly this dilemma. This is cooler weather’s sundress—it’s an instant, cohesive look that’s completely adaptable and comfortable, anywhere and everywhere.

For just one piece, this style’s got it all (and makes it look easy, to boot). Here are four of the 1,000 ways to wear it.

dudley stephens fleece turtleneck dress

Let it rain: Pair it with wellies—no worries if you get wet.

dudley stephens fleece turtleneck dress

Go West: Give a cowboy boot a spin, for an unexpected twist.

dudley stephens fleece turtleneck dress

Master the mix: Black tights provide the perfect contrast to blush fleece.

dudley stephens fleece turtleneck dressLauren wearing our Tilden Turtleneck Dressing Navy and Elle wearing our Little Girls Turtleneck in Red.  

Break the rules: Black and navy don’t mesh? A “rule” made to be broken.